Boot of Death Fix

As I have recently discovered that data recovery vendors are raping and pillaging people who have experienced the boot-of-death, I offer low-cost services to repair as I have obtained the necessary diagnostic kit to resurrect a disk. As of this writing, I am 1 for 1, at 100% success rate.  Until I am confident that the recovery technique is effective, then I will offer recovery services for $50/disk, plus you pay shipping expenses.  If I am not successful I will not charge you for my time.

I will raise the price slightly, to perhaps $100 unless you work for a charitable non-profit organization .. so I can fund an appropriate test system.   If interested, contact

Remember, the boot-of-death affects Seagate 7200.11 disk drives, and for all intents-and-purposes, they appear dead. If the disk is making funny noises, or smell like burnt wiring, then I can’t help you.   This is a limited offer.

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