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What can you do with intelligent (SES-compatible) enclosures?

January 2nd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Here are some examples of scripts that I have written using the command-line engine in smartmon-ux.

Emulate the typical LED and alarms one would see with a hardware-based RAID controller so an appliance that uses software-based RAID has same look-and feel …

Make pretty patterns with the LEDs in a RAID array for trade shows.

Mute audible alarms that drive people nuts, especially ones that indicate a fault that can’t be addressed until next week some time.

Query enclosure to determine the serial number or WWN of a device given the row/col of a slot or vise-versa.

Test all SES components to just make sure they work, without having to manually break things or unplug power supplies and/or disk drives.

SES will let you light the LED(s) associated with the SLOT the drive is installed in. This is a better mechanism then lighting the LED on a disk drive, since the technique will always work, even if the disk drive is dead or dying.

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